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Mariska Hargitay is my inspiration and the reason I'm alive today<3


Most people don’t realize how much incest has a hold over all of your life so here’s a list of symptoms in adults who are survivors of incest

  • Anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Shame and guilt
  • Inability to trust themselves or others
  • Nightmares and…

Can I give up now?

This is too much for me to handle…
I’m such a horrible person, I don’t deserve to live.

I am a strong person. But every once in a while I would like someone to hold my hand and tell me things are going to be OK.

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So overwhelmed and my anxiety is at an all time high today… Nap when the baby naps… OKAY


Mariska my quenn!



Today is a horrible day.
 Monday 4/21/2014, I was suspended from my very new job as a full time infant teacher after finding out that my physical was declared failed. Why was it failed? The picture above shows you. I was failed on my work physical for self harm scars that occured about 7-10 years ago when I was going through major abuse, loss, and other related events with my family.
I am NOT looking for pity, I am looking for help. This puts me out of a job, this puts me out of money and like any college student trying to make it on their own, I can’t be in this situation. I have bills to pay and I have to support myself, which I can’t do presently because of a faulty failed physical.
The doctor stated to me clearly he didn’t think I was capable of working with children or that should be working with children with these scars on my arms. He then failed my physical. I am attending college currently specifically for this career in Childcare. I am hurt, disgusted, and angry by all of this. This has reopened wounds and memories I’ve had tucked away for years and on top of it all, the career I’ve been striving for and will CONTINUE to strive for has been snatched away from me on bullshit terms.
If ANYONE, and I’m begging everyone on tumblr right now, if anyone can help me then please PRIVATE MESSAGE me. I am looking for legal advice and need to know what steps I can take. I am looking for ANYTHING to make sure I can secure myself in case I can’t find another full time job before bills become due again and I start getting hungry with only a dollar for food.
If you cannot give me advice or point me in the right direction there is one very important thing you can do for me. Just to give me one last hope and chance.
SIGNAL BOOST THIS. I need to get attention on this before it gets swept under the rug. So please. Reblog. Post to facebook. Post anywhere. Just link it back to my blog.
I need your help. PLEASE.


This makes me sick.
Please help this person if you can, because this should not be able to happen. 
Therapist: This trap you're in, he didn't trick you into it. You chose to walk into it. Why?
Olivia: Because I knew what he would do to Amelia.
Therapist: And before Amelia, last May, you broke free of your restraints because you were afraid Lewis would be alone with another little girl, Louisa. Where do you think this strength comes from, Olivia?
Olivia: Well, you think it's because I can't fight for myself and I can only fight for other people.